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PommieTravels.com: Travel gives me a sense of freedom

British traveler Victoria Brewood loves taking her camera around while exploring new cities. It allows her to notice all the intricate details she might not notice ordinarily. Her blog PommieTravels contains dozens of articles with travel tips and destinations to experience. Visit her blog to read through all of her tips for traveling and taking photos. Also, take a look at our short interview with Victoria below!

1. How did you start traveling and what lead you to start writing a blog about your journeys?

When I left university I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, so I decided to go to Portugal on holiday because my friend had a house there. While I was there I met lots of backpackers and Australians who suggested I visit Australia. So I saved up some cash bartending and went on three month solo trip around Oz. Just before I left I met my (then) boyfriend, who was a web designer and wanted to go to Bali to surf. So after my trip we travelled around Greece and ended up moving to Bali. He suggested I start a travel blog and designed the site for me, then I taught myself how to run a website. I had always loved writing and I loved travelling, so it made sense.

2. Which place that you've already visited is still in your thoughts and is a place that you would like to go back to?

I loved Cape Town. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited and I’d go back in a heartbeat. There are wineries, beaches backed by mountains, beaches with penguins on them…and the food is delicious.

3. While taking photos, do you use any special photography techniques?

Not really, I just use my eye. I’ve always had a good eye for angles and I never took any formal training. If I’m travelling by myself and I need a shot of me, I’ll frame the shot up and ask a stranger to hold my phone or camera in the exact same position.

4. What is your favorite editing app and how do you adjust your photos?

I use Lightroom for all my editing, then I’ll use TouchRetouch for removing objects and Facetune to remove any blemishes. I don’t like to over process though.

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5. What is your attitude toward photo prints? Do you find them interesting in this digital era?

Photo prints are a great way to preserve your photos and be reminded of your trips. Yes you can post photos to Instagram or Facebook but most of the time your albums just sit there on a hard drive. It’s nice to bring photos to life. When I was a kid I used to go through my grandparents’ photo albums all the time - I’m surprised at how many black and white photos the had of great-great family members. There’s something about being able to physically touch photos that’s so much more special so I’d like my future children to have the same experience.

6. Can you tell us about your TOP 4 pictures from your Instagram @pommietravels that you are really proud of 😊? Could you also add some details about how this photo was taken? What is the story behind it and what does it means to you?

(Railway station, Kagoshima, Japan)

This photo was taken at the southernmost JR station in Japan. I was on a press trip to Kagoshima and we stopped here just before sunset. The light was so perfect…this empty platform with the most stunning backdrop. I couldn’t help but feel that the Earth is an incredible place.

(Manhattanage Phenomenon, New York, USA)

I was walking home from Penn Station after a day trip to the beach. I looked back and caught the #manhattanage phenomenon, which happens when the sun magically aligns with some of New York’s streets. The Empire State Building was in the background and it was just the most magical shot.

Top of The Rock, New York, USA

This shot was taken at Top of The Rock in New York by Sabina from @girlvsglobe. We took it in turns to get shots of each other, which took forever because there are LOTS of tourists on the viewing deck, so we had to wait and wait for a gap between the crowds. It’s a very touristy Instagram shot but it is spectacular.

"Magic" restaurant entrance, Souk Waqif, Qatar

I was recently in Qatar and stumbled across this gem of a restaurant walking through Souk Waqif. The entire entrance was covered in jewels and I felt it really encapsulated the magic of The Middle East. To capture this shot I handed my phone to another blogger while I walked up and down trying to get the perfect shot.

7. Who or what inspires you during the process of content creation for your blog? People, interesting places, unconventional situations or something else?

I tend to write about interesting places and my favourite foodie spots in the places that I visit. I love to experience a destination through food. But I also love writing about my own feelings and thoughts, for example what it’s like to travel alone.

8. In your opinion what is the key to having a successful Instagram and blog? Can you share any tips with us for those who would like to start blogging or boost their Instagram?

Instagram is tough these days because of the algorithm…everyone is talking about it. A lot of Instagrammers have complained that their follower counts just aren’t growing or they actually lose followers if they’re not posting. I’d say post regularly (once per day) and make sure you look at what your “grid” looks like as a whole. It can be tempting to post a photo straight away just because you love it so much but in fact it might look better in the feed if you waited. Use relevant hashtags, tag the brands/places in your posts and use the analytics to look at the best time to post. When it comes to blogging, don’t just write about your day. Target SEO keywords and write long, really informational posts that would help your readers.

9. Which countries are you planning to visit this year? Which places are we going to see on your blog?

I’m going to Austin for SXSW and Los Angeles too. I imagine I’ll try to book some trips in Mexico, Central America and South America. I’d like to go to Caratgena in Colombia, perhaps Belize, the Bahamas and Tulum.

10. What is your biggest dream photo spot that you would like to experience during your travels?

It’s super touristy but I would love to go to Bolivia and take pictures on the salt flats, it looks pretty fun. Cappadocia in Turkey would be cool too when the hot air balloons are out.

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